How It Works

What’s shakeTrainer?

It’s the proven way to stop any of your dog’s unwanted behaviors for good. Handheld and easy to use, shakeTrainer doesn’t shock, spray, or emit ultrasonic sounds that are harmful to your dog. You’ll get instant results guaranteed.

Which behaviors does shakeTrainer stop?

How does shakeTrainer work?

shakeTrainer takes advantage of a little-known trick in dog psychology that works like magic but almost nobody knows about. shakeTrainer is so effective because it actually “hacks” your dog’s brain so that he/she wants to stop the bad behavior for good.

Why use shakeTrainer?

Recommended and used by top trainers and veterinarians worldwide, it’s the easiest, gentlest, and most effective way to stop your dog’s unwanted behavior.

How to use shakeTrainer

shakeTrainer was engineered to emit a unique consistent sound frequency when shaken. In Step 1, by introducing your dog to shakeTrainer using the special method outlined in the DVD/User Guide, he/she associates the unique sound shakeTrainer makes with the loss of a treat— not a punishment. Then in Step 2, by using shakeTrainer when your dog displays unwanted behavior, your dog stops that behavior in order to avoid hearing the sound— It’s that simple.

What’s included with shakeTrainer

Included in the box are shakeTrainer, User Guide and a 5 minute instructional DVD that show you how quick and easy it is to stop unwanted behaviors with shakeTrainer. The DVD also features an interactive menu with instructions on how to stop each unwanted behavior effectively.