Our story begins in 2007 when Sean Klein’s dog, Simba, developed an annoying barking problem. As a lifetime dog lover, Sean realized that there was no good way to quickly and humanely train his dog. He definitely wasn’t going to use one of those inhumane shock or spray devices. And obedience classes were quickly ruled out for their cost and the temporary nature of their results. So Sean teamed up with his creative brother, Sasha, and set off on what became a quest to invent a dog training tool that not only would be 100% humane, but also easy and effective. As part of their research, they contacted scores of dog trainers, animal behaviorists, and veterinarians. And that led them to discover…

A Little-Known Trick In Dog Psychology That Amazed Them

This trick works like magic but almost nobody knows about it. Sean and Sasha asked themselves, how can something so simple be so powerful. They also learned that they could develop a device that would allow anyone to take advantage of this powerful “trick”. And with that realization, shakeTrainer was born. shakeTrainer is so effective because it actually “hacks” your dog’s brain so that he/she wants to stop the bad behavior for good. And as the first device of its kind, shakeTrainer stops your dog’s unwanted behavior in just 7 minutes or less and is 100% humane. So in the end, not only did Simba stop barking, but thanks to shakeTrainer dog owners all around the world are living happier lives with their four-legged friends.