The Most Humane Way to Teach a Dog Good Conduct

Works in less than 7 minutes

You’ll see results immediately - even if you’ve never had any luck training your dog before.

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No expensive dog trainers needed

Not only is shakeTrainer easy to use, you’ll also save money and enjoy a better life with your dog.

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Approved by vets and trainers

shakeTrainer is a foolproof system created by professionals and approved by vets.

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100% Humane Training Device

shakeTrainer doesn’t shock, spray, or emit ultrasonic sounds that are harmful to your dog.

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What People Have to Say

“I highly recommend shakeTrainer to all my clients”

“They’re flying off the shelves!”

“I was skeptical at first but now I know it works!”

“I popped the DVD in, followed the steps and the problems never happened again”